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an open source database of all discovered extrasolar planets

kigCorrelation diagrams

This page is currently under development. It uses the d3 javascript library to render correlation plots directly in your browser. Once you've loaded this page, you can change the plot even without an internet connection. The plots shows a scatter plot of all discovered planets. Hover over a circle to see to which planet it corresponds. Click on it to view the planet's page.

The plot updates automatically when an option is changed.
Detection methods
Stellar multiplicity

starData download

The data presented in this plot is taken from the Open Exoplanet Catalogue. All information on this page is directly generated from the XML files in the catalogue. If you are interested in how, look at the source code. You can download the entire catalogue on github. You can also find ASCII tables of the same catalogue in a separate repository. Some information, especially in the case of a binary system cannot be easily represented in an ASCII table. You are therefore encouraged to use the original XML files provided by the Open Exoplanet Catalogue.